For over 20 years Donna’s life has been devoted to the practice of realizing oneself as a Soul and seeing the blessings in all of life. She has experienced adversity, uncertainty and her share of life challenges. She approached a fork in the road and realized that while she could not control outer circumstances, she could definitely choose the willingness to find a blessing in EVERY circumstance.

When we judge ourselves and feel burdened and limited we are not living as our highest Self. 

Donna’s mission is to remind us that love, freedom and joy are a choice!!

Donna is an Akashic Record Consultant, minister (who does weddings), artist, author, master yoga instructor, certified Infinite Possibilities Trainer and professional clown. Her passion is holding space for those who seek expansion. She provides a loving, safe environment for those who are tired of feeling held back by old beliefs and “shoulds”.

Words are tricky because their meaning has a lot to do with personal experience and the specific associations the mind or emotions has linked to them. Donna’s offerings are more than words, more than what you see and hear. They are experiential. She facilitates Spirit through Akashic Record Consultations so you can find YOUR version of freedom, peace, joy and expansion.   

Donna lives in the blue ridge mountains of western North Carolina with her amazing husband of 27 years, David, her two sons and her dog “J”.

Check out my books:

the little book of BIG GRACE

I Am Living Loving Laughing

HOORAY! Locally you can purchase 'I Am Living Loving Laughing' in Weaverville @  Maggie B's Wine and Specialty Store. In Woodfin @ Thyme in the Garden.


My many services:

Aside from being passionate about Yoga and coloring journals, I have other specialties as well.

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