“Now” is the moment you are in, it is not somewhere “‘out there”, it is right here.

Welcome to this page, I am glad you are here. Take a moment, and notice where you are standing or sitting.

Is your mind active or calm?  How are you feeling? Are your emotions moving quickly or slowly?

PAUSE… take a DEEP breath in, and sigh it out.

Close your eyes for a few moments and listen to your breathing.

AHHHHH… that is you, being in this moment, observing, breathing, and BEING your amazing self!!

You are a blessing.


Clothing Design

Clothing Design


I am planning to sell clothing on this website soon!  Sign up below and get notified when the store is online.

Murals and Art

Murals and Art

Would you like to transform a room? Let’s collaborate and create your feel-good space. My style is a bit abstract with lots of freedom and movement.

The art I create is an expression of God’s abundance and beauty. Each piece is infused with love! So many things can be painted… walls, canvas, paper, wood, doors, fabric, t-shirts.

It’s best to contact me for an estimate or to brainstorm. Pictures are worth a thousand words (thank goodness)

Mural gallery below:.

Yoga Teaching Location

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Donna’s home studio, for private sessions (8 Park Drive, Weaverville, NC 28787) Directions from Main St. Weaverville: Take Church St. west to Ridgewood Ave. (3rd street on left) Make left, go to Park Drive Make right (We are brick house on left)




Scribbles the Clown!

Scribbles the Clown!

Did you know that laughter and play feed the soul? I’m not sure where that’s written, but I’m pretty sure it’s true! As Scribbles the Clown I specialize in face painting and fun (singing, dancing, games). I even know a magic trick!

If you invite me to your birthday party I will bring the music and my big suitcase full of fun, so we can do silly dances and play silly games!! There are lots of options and I can customize the party games to fit your needs!

Fee: 1 hour $135
Each additional ½ hour $60

And since Scribbles has fun with the young and old (and everyone in between) She is available for face painting at corporate events and parties at $85 per hour, with a 2 hour minimum.

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