12 days of BIG LOVE


A special gift from Kathy Murphy and Donna Hollinshead from their first ever holiday program, a guided playful exploration to feel more happiness.

Give yourself that gift!

Experience 12 days of holiday BIG LOVE infused with the spirit that lives within all of us before & beyond tradition.

Through playful exploration each day you can automatically feel more of that BIG LOVE thats exists inside & out.

What you’ll get in those 12 days: ?

  • Daily Short video of the days exploration
  • Printable Daily song verse
  • Printable Daily art inspiration
I loved it! I feel full of love. Imagine starting my day like that every day. I’d remember who I am here to be. The feelings I have are impenetrable energy, joy, openness and gratitude. I’d come again. 1 hour was perfect because I was eager to be in that state in my day.  Take it for a walk or a bike ride? Read a book. Being within my feelings and sharing it.
Thank you ?. 
– Laura 

That was so fun & I met some REALLY sweet people.I received & I hope gave lots of love from that. It was so good. Let me know when you do it again I will for sure sign-up.  
– Vicki

Thank you so much for gifting this wonderful experience to me! It really hit home that we are all the same, are all beautiful creations of God, to notice where you are at any given moment with where your feet are or what you are holding, that the thoughts are like clouds changing coming and going, and that Love is omnipresent- if only we are open to noticing it, experiencing it, and sharing it. ❤️???  
– David

About Your Hosts

Kathy Murphy

Thought leader, coach, author, singer, surfer, and inspirational speaker. Strong on the outside, powerful inside, kind, caring and filled with love. You too, have those seeds inside you just waiting to come out.


Its time to fall in love with you. Its your turn to step into your spotlight. When we connect to who we really are, not what the world says we should be, anything is possible for us. And as a power together, we are the change the world needs to see.

Kathy was born with passion, energy, fire inside, and knows for sure she is here to inspire and lead others to live their lives with that same energetic badassery. Your light is ready to shine.


Kathy helps high achieving professionals who are struggling with stress, anxiety, and overwhelm to stop the stress, and overcome anxiety. They regain control over their time and energy, so that they can get it all done, and find joy, peace, and fun on the way.


She has been featured for her expertise on CBS, NBC, FOX, Medium, Prevention, LA Voyager, and more.


Kathy knows what it is like to be a high achiever and push yourself to total burn out, not even realizing you are missing out on your life. She learned this the hard way and  lost everything she had in life. Today she has a life and business she loves, and a granddaughter who is her reason for a bigger vision of creating a new world in which all adults and kids can feel safe, secure, and loved.

Donna Hollinshead

From the Inside Out

For over 20 years Donna’s been devoted to the practice of realizing oneself as a Soul and seeing the blessings in all of life. While we cannot control outer circumstances, we can definitely choose the willingness to find a blessing in EVERY circumstance.

Yoga Church:
A non denominational virtual experience where all religions, bodies and levels are welcome. Come join this inclusive gathering place to move and breathe. Surround yourself with our loving community and honor that you are exactly where you need to be!

Soul Nourishment Coaching:
Your beliefs are ever evolving and ready for transformation, so create the life you want, full of joy & happiness! During eight 1:1 coaching sessions, gain awareness of your current thinking habits and then reshape them to a belief system that empowers you. Say YES – start creating lasting and positive changes in your life!

Akashic Record Consultation:
The Akashic Records are energetic records that hold information about our past, present & future lives. Your soul has its own unique Akashic Records, serving as powerful resources when you engage with their wisdom to provide you with the clarity, insight & reassurance to move forward with confidence.

Learn more about Donna here or visit her store here!