Holiday Party

Join Kathy Murphy and Donna Hollinshead

Friday December 11th
4:30 PST 7:30 EST
Via Zoom

All you need to bring is YOU.
Wear your holiday Flair and bring a tradition to share.

You will leave filled with the Spirit of the Holidays!
Invitation to Big Love Holiday Party

I loved it! I feel full of love. Imagine starting my day like that every day. I’d remember who I am here to be. The feelings I have are impenetrable energy, joy, openness and gratitude. I’d come again. 1 hour was perfect because I was eager to be in that state in my day.  Take it for a walk or a bike ride? Read a book. Being within my feelings and sharing it.
Thank you ?. 
– Laura 

That was so fun & I met some REALLY sweet people.I received & I hope gave lots of love from that. It was so good. Let me know when you do it again I will for sure sign-up.  
– Vicki

Thank you so much for gifting this wonderful experience to me! It really hit home that we are all the same, are all beautiful creations of God, to notice where you are at any given moment with where your feet are or what you are holding, that the thoughts are like clouds changing coming and going, and that Love is omnipresent- if only we are open to noticing it, experiencing it, and sharing it. ❤️???  
– David

About Your Hosts

Kathy Murphy

Thought leader, coach, author, singer, surfer, and inspirational speaker. Strong on the outside, powerful inside, kind, caring and filled with love. You too, have those seeds inside you just waiting to come out.

It’s time to fall in love with you. It’s your turn to step into your spotlight. When we connect to who we really are, not what the world says we should be, anything is possible for us. And as a power together, we are the change the world needs to see.

Kathy was born with passion, energy, fire inside, and knows for sure she is here to inspire and lead others to live their lives with that same energetic badassery. Your light is ready to shine.

Donna Hollinshead

Over the years, as my career, my passions, and my life’s trajectory has shifted and evolved, I’ve often been asked the question: what do you do? It was only after I sat with this question, that I realized it’s less about what I do and more about who I AM. So, who am I?

I Am:

  • A Mom
  • A Listener
  • A Lover of Life
  • A Believer in Miracles
  • An Artist
  • A Reverend
  • A Yogi
  • A Curious Soul
  • A Coach

Who are YOU? I cannot wait to find out!

Now, a little about my life’s work and passions:

For over 30 years, I have been devoted to the practice of seeing life’s blessings. I believe that when we can find magic in the mundane, we can experience the innate beauty in life.

I have experienced my share of challenging times and forks in the road. It is when I finally let go and surrendered control, that I was able to look within and choose acceptance and self-compassion. Today, and everyday, I operate from a place of love.

I work with clients globally from my cozy corner of the world in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina where I live with my amazing husband of 30 years, David, and our wild cat “Friday”.

How can WE work together?
Through my offerings, it is my mission to mirror love, light and compassion. I point the way, so that YOU can make that choice.

Each of my services, while different in their delivery and presentation, are infused with my unique blend of wisdom, joy, play and magic.