“No matter how I feel, no matter how much I have on my mind, I can let go of it in that hour and a quarter on my mat in Donna’s class. I sweat out not only the toxins, but also the day-to-day irritations and emotional stuff that weighs me down. I feel lighter and spent, yet so much stronger when I leave the class. I started with Donna 6 years ago, as a complete yoga novice, and she was kind and intuitive with me as I learned, as she is with all her students. Donna’s power class is exercise, balance and flexibility training, preventive medicine, therapy……and a sauna all in one. The gentle class, which I also take, provides the same benefits, but in a slower, more focused (room temperature) way. I think taking them both provides exactly what I need each week.” –L. Nagle, Weaverville, NC

“As a fifty-something-ish, plump-ish person who had never gone to a single yoga class I was very nervous about my first class with Donna in 2009. She quickly put me at ease and quickly led me to understand, both in words and in the way she teaches, that “It’s not yoga perfect, it’s yoga practice.” Donna is a gifted teacher. I continue to be amazed at how well she describes poses and movement in words as well as by showing us. The heated yoga classes are quite a workout physically but they, through Donna’s leadership, are a balm to my soul.” –L. Root, Weaverville, NC

“I moved to Weaverville 7 years ago with a strong, diverse 30 year Yoga practice. I tried several studios to find my new Yoga home. I finally met Donna and knew that I had found my new Yoga home. I love the intimacy and sense of community and her genuine concern and attention for each student in the room. It really helped in making my transition to a new Place. Thanks for all you do.” –J. Wagner, Weaverville, NC

“A friend introduced me to Donna’s yoga classes in 2008, and Donna’s wonderful teaching keeps me coming. When I walked through her door I knew absolutely nothing about yoga—had never been to a class in my life. I felt very timid and self-conscious. Donna proved to be a wise and gifted teacher that day, as she has every day since. Her deep love for yoga, her profound knowledge of its practice, and her generosity of spirit have all been great blessings in my life. My timidity and self-consciousness are long gone now, replaced with joyous enthusiasm. I look forward to her classes and workshops as a treat. And I love the deeper strength of body and spirit she has helped me to discover in myself.” –K. Newfont Lexington, KY

“I can say from my heart that Donna has been such a blessing to me. Through her teachings I have learned to open my heart and nurture my soul. She is a true inspiration to All. I am grateful to know her, she is beautiful inside and out.” –J. Knox, Weaverville, NC

Donna has a gift for the work of exploring, identifying, and shifting core areas of challenge. She provides a safe, loving, and light filled environment for clients who are bravely finding their truths and their willingness to make change in their own ways of thinking and being. Her retreats are the perfect balance between thoughtful consideration and all out creative fun; I highly recommend the experience! Tyra L. Goodman, MSW, LCSW, Asheville, NC