Over the years, as my career, my passions, and my life’s trajectory has shifted and evolved, I’ve often been asked the question: what do you do? It was only after I sat with this question, that I realized it’s less about what I do and more about who I AM. So, who am I?

I Am:

  • A Mom
  • A Listener
  • A Lover of Life
  • A Believer in Miracles
  • An Artist
  • A Reverend
  • A Yogi
  • A Curious Soul
  • A Coach

Who are YOU? I cannot wait to find out!

Now, a little about my life’s work and passions:

For over 30 years, I have been devoted to the practice of seeing life’s blessings. I believe that when we can find magic in the mundane, we can experience the innate beauty in life.

I have experienced my share of challenging times and forks in the road. It is when I finally let go and surrendered control, that I was able to look within and choose acceptance and self-compassion. Today, and everyday, I operate from a place of love.

I work with clients globally from my cozy corner of the world in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina where I live with my amazing husband of 30 years, David, and our wild cat “Friday”.

How can WE work together?
Through my offerings, it is my mission to mirror love, light and compassion. I point the way, so that YOU can make that choice.

Each of my services, while different in their delivery and presentation, are infused with my unique blend of wisdom, joy, play and magic.