2022 Calendar

This 2022 Wall Calendar whispers truths to your Soul, in the most colorful and delightful way. Hang it where you will see it every day and let it add a spark of love and joy to your day. It is a great gift for friends and clients. Reach out via email if you’d like a larger quantity.

$25.00 S&H included

Create Your Best Life Cards

Create Your Best Life Cards are a great practice for LIVING your best life.

For a while I was using index cards, B-O-R-I-N-G.  I LOVE colors so I painted a few. My friends asked for copies. SOOO… I created these. They’re printed on really thick paper that you can write on, with any kind of pen. Carry them around. Read them aloud!!! ” How to Use” instructions included.

$18.00 S&H included

Thrive Cards

Do you want to fill your mind with happy thoughts? This little bundle of Thrive Cards will keep you smiling. Choose one Thrive card every day for 30 days and begin to shift your vision. Wouldn’t it be fun to buy an extra set for the sole purpose of sharing them?


Let’s add some love and joy to the world, one card at a time. Leave them wherever you go.

$23.00 S&H included (and you don’t even need a membership) lol