If you can answer YES to ONE of these questions…

Is your mind chattering and thinking constantly?

Do you want to be more flexible and balanced?

Do you participate in a specific sport that creates restriction in certain muscle groups?

Do you spend  a lot of time serving others and want time for YOU?

Do you want to be empowered and have more joy?

Are you super busy and overwhelmed?



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Akashic Record Consultations

Akashic Record Consultations

Who can benefit from an Akashic Record consultation?  Anyone ready for their next level of self exploration.

Are you excited and ready to move forward on your personal journey?

Do you want more JOY?

Are you reading the books, maybe practicing yoga and meditation, etc?

Do you want to become more self empowered so you can truly love yourself and life?

Do you want to feel connected?

Do you want to clear and release patterns that no longer serve you?

A session brings insight and confirms and affirms Your truth. This process assists you in becoming more firmly planted in who you are, with reassurance. You can then move forward with greater awareness, happiness, peace, and joy. It is an honor to facilitate the energy of the Akashic Records and hold space for you.

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Books and Art

Books and Art

Art is a way to surround yourself with creative goodness. The art I create is infused with love and imperfection, freedom and joy.  I paint anything that’s not nailed down; canvas, paper, note cards and t-shirts. Some of my work is reproduced on tile, some of the t-shirts are my designs re-produced by silkscreen. Soon all will be available for purchase on this website.

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Donna has a gift for the work of exploring, identifying, and shifting core areas of challenge. She provides a safe, loving, and light filled environment for clients who are bravely finding their truths and their willingness to make change in their own ways of thinking and being. Her retreats are the perfect balance between thoughtful consideration and all out creative fun; I highly recommend the experience!

- Tyra L. Goodman, MSW, LCSW, Asheville, NC



“Now” is the moment you are in, it is not somewhere “‘out there”, it is right here.

Posted by donna on Nov 18, 2014

Welcome to this page, I am glad you are here. Take a moment, and notice where you are standing or sitting.

Is your mind active or calm?  How are you feeling? Are your emotions moving quickly or slowly?

PAUSE… take a DEEP breath in, and sigh it out.

Close your eyes for a few moments and listen to your breathing.

AHHHHH… that is you, being in this moment, observing, breathing, and BEING your amazing self!!

You are a blessing.


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