Hello amazing you:

Spring is a time to rejuvenate and be inspired just like the tiny seed pushes its way through the soil and becomes that beautiful bud and magnificent flower; we too are in a time of expansion.

Let us bring sunshine and water to the seed that is your truest best version of you.

I am delighted to be your guide in this PlayShop. Together, we will practice yoga, reflect and share our gifts and gratitudes. We will play, paint and explore through color and texture to connect with our childlike selves.

There is so much possibility for expansion when we show up with our loving open hearts. Sometimes all we need to do is to make time, and allow ourselves to be gently guided back to the spark of light we already are.Ignite that spark! Registration below!

When several of us get sparked together it becomes sparkly! 

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Infinite Possibilities!

What we believe decides what we think and what we think gives us our live experience!

Are you ready to take some time to look at your beliefs, your thoughts, and areas in your life where you are wanting real change? I am honored to coach you, so you can go deep, and have the support and accountability to thrive and be your best self. If you want to learn more, simply click here!